My name is Sarah Rieger. I'm a Boston-based computer science student specializing in software engineering. Currently working at Red Hat as a DevOps Software Engineer Intern.



Core Developer, Professional project

Estuary visualizes a build to release pipeline, with a focus on the automation of container rebuilds due to CVEs (security vulnerabilities). Hosted on OpenShift, it gathers data in real time from a message bus.

  Python     JavaScript     Neomodel     Neo4j     OpenShift  


Core Developer, Professional project

An Android application developed with a team of students and professors as a supplemental educational platform for child refugees, with user profiles keeping track of progress in modules of various subjects.

  Java     Firebase     Android Studio  


Sole Developer, Personal project

A minigame in which the user plays as the Pokemon Pikachu in an infinite run, where Pikachu must jump over various obstacles to score points as he runs. Inspired by Google Chrome's Dinosaur Minigame.

  Python     Pygame  


Lead Developer, Professional project

An automated web application to simplify judging at hackathons, it features automatic table and judge assignments to projects. A login for judges will soon be implemented, so projects can be judged directly in the app.

  Python     Flask  

Fortune API

Sole Developer, Personal project

A RESTful API written in Go, for the classic fortune command-line utility (in the fortune-mod package). It chooses a random fun fortune to give to the user.


Yo-setta Stone

Lead Developer, Hackathon project

This application employs machine learning and natural language processing to evaluate the definition of slang words based on the context of the tweets they are used in.

  Python     Flask     NLTK     Gensim  


Core Developer, Professional project

A "museum" website built for BostonHacks. It displays data from past events, and the history of BostonHacks.

  Ruby     JavaScript     HTML/CSS     Jekyll  

SheHacks Live (v2018)

Core Developer, Professional project

A "live" website for the SheHacks hackathon. It keeps participants informed while the event is underway.

  JavaScript     HTML/CSS  

BostonHacks Live (v2017)

Core Developer, Professional project

A "live" website for the BostonHacks hackathon. It keeps participants informed while the event is underway.

  JavaScript     HTML/CSS  

BostonHacks Live (v2018)

Core Developer, Professional project

A (remade for 2018) "live" website for the BostonHacks hackathon. It keeps participants informed while the event is underway.

  JavaScript     HTML/CSS     Vue.js  

Appleseed Crepe Website

Lead Developer, Professional project

A simple website built for the Appleseed Crepe and Bread restaurant, based in Massachusetts. It provides a menu and information on the restaurant itself.

  JavaScript     HTML/CSS  


Lead Developer, Professional project

A Python script that identifies any modules that depend on others by parsing a module's ModuleMD and comparing it to the blacklist of modules. Written for RHEL/Fedora modules.

  Python     Python Requests  


Red Hat, DevOps Software Engineer Intern

May 2018 - Present

  • End-to-end development for a message-driven microservice to update a graph database in real time, providing significant improvement in the speed of data retrieval
  • Core developer for an app for visualizing a build pipeline and handling CVE data, as well as adding features to identify bottlenecks, substantially improving the ability to quickly identify problems on the pipeline
  • Responsible for the deployment of multiple containerized applications
  • Met with stakeholders to scope products and deadlines
  • Used Sphinx and Github webhooks to develop automatically generated and automatically deployed documentation
  • Recorded demos to explain newly developed features/projects sent out department-wide

  Python     JavaScript     Flask     Angular     Git     Linux     Docker     OpenShift     Neomodel     Neo4j     Sphinx  

BostonHacks, Organizer/Infrastructure Engineer

September 2017 - Present

  • Assisted in the development and development infrastructure needs of the hackathon team, and general organizational needs
  • Developed a Node.js app to assist in the judging process
  • Deployed and managed applications on DigitalOcean
  • Developed multiple web applications with hundreds of users

  JavaScript     HTML/CSS     Git     Node.js     Digital Ocean     CircleCI  

BU Spark!, Consultant and Developer

January 2018 - August 2018

  • Worked with startups and other clients to develop humanitarian technologies catered to their needs
  • Developed technologies such as mobile and web applications based on client specifications

  Java     Git     Android Studio  

SheHacks, Organizer/Developer

November 2017 - February 2018

  • Assisted in the web development needs of one of the largest female and non-binary hackathons in the world, as well as general organizational needs
  • Contributed to multiple websites with hundreds of users

  JavaScript     HTML/CSS     Git  

YPrime, Junior Software Developer

May 2017 - July 2017

  • Developed clinical software intended to handle and display data for clinical research in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Handled large data sets using SQL in order to ensure software functionality
  • Created a dashboard to display data in a succinct and visually pleasing way
  • Wrote high-coverage unit tests for a large piece of software, increasing test coverage by ~75%

  C#     JavaScript     SQL     HTML/CSS     Git     Visual Studio     Management Studio  



I LOVE Python! I have professional, academic, and personal experience with Python. It is my strongest language. I have used it for statistical analysis, full stack development (using Flask), game development, and more. My most recent professional experience was mostly in Python.


Go is the newest language that I have learned. I have personal experience with it in writing an API (see more about it in my projects!). I am entirely self taught with Go and am in the process of both enhancing the API and making new Go projects.


I have both personal and academic experience with Java. I have taken multiple classes in it and used it to create complex data structures, such as K-d trees. I have also used it to write an app in Android studio, among other things.


I am both personally and professionally experienced with HTML and CSS, and in many different contexts. From this website (and many others!) to web applications, data display and more, I am very comfortable with it and front end development.


In conjunction with most of my front end experience, I have used JavaScript. I have used it with every professional environment I have been in, as well as numerous projects both personally and for my position at BostonHacks.


SQL is a language I am comfortable with both academically and professionally. I am comfortable using it to manipulate exceptionally large sets of data, and have done so quite frequently in my professional career.


I taught myself C# in preparation for my first internship. While there, I utilized it frequently in writing both production code and in rigorous unit testing. I have also used it to write a small text-based game.


I am very passionate about open source, and thus love Git and Github! I use it weekly (sometimes daily!) and have experience with it in all aspects of my programming experience. I find great value in sharing code and projects with as a community!


Since getting into open source, I have begun frequently using Linux. I have it on my work laptop, and dual booted onto my personal laptop. I currently use Fedora. I am comfortable with basic system admin commands, along with navigational ones.


Angular is something I have used both professionally and personally. It is an integral part of my current professional full-stack endeavors, and I am currently working on a simple grade-tracking project using Angular.


I have utilized Flask both professionally and with BostonHacks. My current professional project runs with Flask (and a heavy Python back end), and the current project I am leading for BostonHacks is a Flask web application.

Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

I love art and design, and consequently use the Adobe Suite quite frequently. I have designed logos, wireframes, personal art, and more in these programs.

Agile Development

Both of my internships have given me hands-on experience with the Agile Development workflow. Additionally, I am enrolled in a software engineering course that has better familiarized me with the nuances of this workflow.